Feria de Mosto, Los Marines . . . . more than just ‘mosto’

So its not only mosto that one finds at the feria de mosto in Los Marines. It is a brilliant way to kill a couple of hours wandering from stall to stall, checking out all of the artisan products of the sierras de Aracena, and all while trying a never ending selection of the local young wine aka ‘mosto’.

Enjoying the hand crafted cheeses at the Feria de Mosto in Los Marines

Check out all the amazing products . . . just peer over my shoulder . . .

No more than 5 meters into the village and you find the locals spilling out into the street – This weekend is perfect for the feria – crisp autumn air and brilliant sunshine – what better way to spend the afternoon with friends trying the local mosto, chowing down on migas (not a personal favourite – but when its cold out, a good stodgy plate of migas is quite appealing) and sampling the local artisan cheeses and sweets being sold in the pavilion.

Mosto barrels at the feria

Kini peeking through from behind the mosto barrels

I have been going to the Feria de Mosto in Los Marines for more than a couple of years now. Its not actually that I particularly like the mosto, but I do love that like all local ferias, it gives people from all the different villages a reason to get together and spend some hours in each others company. It is the spirit of community that I love. . . . well that and the fabulous fruit jellies that I always buy.

A colourful selection of fruit jellies

A colourful selection of fruit jellies

Plus you add the cheeses, pastries, toys and not to mention the live chickens . . . what more can you want.

anyone for  live chicken???

Yet another reason to venture into the Sierras during the colder months . . . there is always a way to keep warm – in this case from the inside out!
and lets not forget the cheese – in particular the Torta de Casar aka gooey goodness . . . slice the top off and scoop out the creamiest most fabulous cheese ever.
(Just a preview really of next weeks Feria de Queso here in Aracena).

Peter Jan and Monica trying and buying a Torta Casar

Al in all a great afternoon – thanks to all . . .

Adios . . . . its been fun!

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