A great way to start the week . . . .

On Monday morning I finally was able to make some time to treat myself and I joined my friends in Linares de la Sierra (one of my favourite villages in the Sierra by the way) at the recently opened Hamman for a yoga class.

Yoga practiced in the Hamman Linares

What a truly relaxing experience – every element was exactly as it should have been.  Given that the temperatures have dropped here in the Sierras, I was concerned that it was going to be drafty and cold . . . and I find it very difficult to focus mentally when my teeth are chattering and my toes frozen  –

Problem solved!  They have the perfect setting for the Monday morning class – the newly opened Hamman Linares – an ‘Arabic Bath House’ or Baño Arabe.  As soon as you enter you are greeted not only by the warmth of the room, but also by the friendliness of the other participants and the subdued lighting.

The two hour class was lead by Susana Lumbreras González and was calm and focused . . . and while I left feeling mentally recharged, I can assure you that my muscles are still reminding me that I challenged myself physically as well (this ol’ gal ain’t as young as she once was).

I was especially taken by the serenity that she created with her own chanting – melodic, soothing and perfectly amplified by the natural acoustics of the space.

I am thoroughly looking forward to the next class and to trying out the Hamman  – possibly a hot rock massage and a quick dip in the hot baths . . . . I will post that experience when I get to it for sure.


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